I gave you, I gave you my smile my hours of love,

I gave you, I gave you my smile my hours of love,
My days of sunshine, sweetheart April
I gave my warmth, my flower, I gave my pain
I gave my my truth, I gave what I was.

I offered the skin of my hands, my time better
My humble corner, my nights without you.
My life and freedom and a little love.
What little I went, my love, how little I was.
And you’re going, you’re happy, you’ll forget what I was,
And in my window I see the gray morning dress.

I gave you the light of my eyes, my hours of honey
My tears of gall, my breathing.
The light of my dawn, my wood and my home.
The song of my sparrow and some bread.


WHEN the vine again is blowing,

Then the wine moves in the cask;
When the rose again is glowing,

Wherefore should I feel oppress’d?

Down my cheeks run tears all-burning,

If I do, or leave my task;
I but feel a speechless yearning,

That pervades my inmost breast.

But at length I see the reason,

When the question I would ask:
‘Twas in such a beauteous season,

Doris glowed to make me blest! 

25 Tips From A College Freshman

25 Tips From A College Freshman

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1. Move in day is stressful — from trying to move in copious amounts of furniture and clothing, to the looming goodbye.

2. Things will get easier as the semester goes on.

3. Your friends from first semester may very well not be your friends after that.

4. You will drunk eat way more than you ever thought was possible.

5. Your classes will seem easy and manageable at first.

6. Until they’re not- watch out for midterms.

7. Use your professors and TAs they will help you with your grade if you need.

8. Don’t sit in your room, go to the library, there is a greater chance you’ll be productive- trust me you cannot fully stalk Facebook in the library without feeling paranoid.

9. You will meet many different people, be open and accepting.

10. Don’t compare your college experience to your friends, because I promise everyone…

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5 Interesting Facts About Orchids

5 Interesting Facts About Orchids

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Who doesn’t love orchids?
We are all fascinated by their varying shapes and colors.

It is almost unbelievable, but there are more than 25.000 species of orchid. Scientists even think that there are more flower species in the tropical areas. Orchids come in different shapes, colors and sizes, which make them even more fascinating.
With so much variety, it is no surprise that almost everybody has an orchid at home.

Orchids are quite adaptable. They can grow in different tropical countries, except the very cold climates.
If you have a beautiful orchid in your house, do not let sit in a waterlogged pot, because this could kill the orchid.
Do not forget to water them once a week!

Here are some interesting facts about orchids:

  1. The Bulbophyllum nocturnum orchid, descovered in Papua New Guinea, blooms exclusively at night.
  2. The Vanilla plant is a variety of orchid.
  3. Orchids were used in…

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