Monochrome Monday: Istanbul

Monochrome Monday: Istanbul

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Inspired by Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness and Lignum Draco’s marvelous black and white street photography, I dare myself to post a monochrome photo related to travel on weekly basis. I choose Monday as it appears it is already a popular day to post monochrome photos in wordpress and flickr.

Today’s monochrome photo is a picture that I took in Istanbul, Turkey. I went there to participate in a four days training which during the training I was requested to assist the trainers to be a facilitator as well. It was an easy task but in the end I did not have enough spare time to explore the city but only exploring a small bazaar nearby to our hotel (I did not even know the name of this bazaar). It was a good walk. I almost bought Turkish lamps but cancelled after I considered it impractical and would not…

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