Corn Chowder Inexpensive Comfort Food

Corn Chowder Inexpensive Comfort Food

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It is the end of the month and the challenge is to feed the family what I have on hand.  Making a small food budget stretch is a real skill.  I am grateful to have the internet which helps with ideas and tips.  I try to add things to my food shopping list at the beginning of the month that I can use to carry us through at the end of the month.  One thing I buy is canned milk.  I usually purchase 2 cans.  I can use this to bake and cook with when I am out of milk.  One of my favorite thing to do with evaporated milk is to use it in creamed soups.  Today I made corn chowder one of my family’s favorites.

I had 3 slices of bacon left from a package that I bought marked down. This was the thick cut apple smoked bacon…

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