Lazy Sunday Sketch

Lazy Sunday Sketch

sweet afternoons

This week, I acquired a set of two dollar watercolor pencils from Walmart. I’ve been curious for quite some time about them. From what I’d gathered, you either love them or hate them. I thought they might be perfect for practicing little cute animal sketches from the “let’s draw cute animals” book I’ve mentioned in previous blogs.

We were expecting rain today, and everyone has been a bit drained from our summer activities this weekend, so it was a great day for a lazy Sunday. I managed a few sketches with my new pencils, and happily… I love them. They give the animals a very childlike look to them with thicker lines and bolder details. The surprising part was the way the water just took control of all the lines. If you have not tried watercolor painting in the past, this is the way to get started.

You can wet…

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