Am I ……….. Beautiful????

Am I ……….. Beautiful????

Lorrie Bowden

The Banana Truck The Banana Truck

I just finished the trek from south Florida to New Jersey to my summer residence.  The ride is long and my body tends to fight sitting in the car for 20 hours…even if it is broken up over two days.

I dress as comfortably as possible…which means yoga pants, loose top, and sneaks.  A shower at the hotel after a workout and fall asleep on semi-wet hair makes for a hair do that looks like a fire cracker styled it!  No make up – not that I wear much anyway.  Oh…and don’t forget…remnants of white cheddar cheese doodles…my very guilty pleasure that makes the ride more enjoyable.

We arrived at a gas station in mid Virginia and of course finding the nearest restroom was the only thing on my mind.  I was almost to the door when I heard someone say, “Hello beautiful!”  I never in a…

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