Shameless Plugs

Shameless Plugs

Creative Noodling

The main reason I have kept blogging for almost two and a half years is the community we have formed here. Through my ups, my downs, my craziness and my silences this amazing group of readers and other bloggers has been with me through it all. A dear friend of mine and I were talking several months ago about the magic in the little world we have created. And he was right. It is something special.

So for those of you new to our little nook in the universe, I want to take a moment and do some shameless plugs for other bloggers who I personally enjoy… and you just might too.

Bloggers with Books I’d Like to Read 

The Hook
The Hooker with a heart of gold… oh… wait… wrong profession. The Hook is actually a bell man with more than a few funny tales from the trenches of…

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