Torcello – The Cradle Of Venice



Byzantine Mosaic

Cathedral Of Santa Maria Assunta

Church of Santa Fosca




Torcello – The Cradle Of Venice

The Urge To Wander

Venice owes thanks to Atilla the Hun.

Think about it………if the ‘barbarian’ hadn’t torched the Roman city of Altinum, if some of the residents of that great city hadn’t been directed by a disembodied voice to climb their lofty campanile and seek help from the heavens above, if they then hadn’t spied the distant group of islands on the lagoon from that tower, and if they hadn’t followed the divine diktat to seek refuge in those islands instead of in Ravenna or Istria following most other refugees before them, there would have been no Serenissima to sigh over.

Six of the new island refuges commemorated the famed gates to the fugitive’s ransacked home on the mainland: Porte Majorbium (Mazzorbo), Porte Boreana (Burano), Pore Muriana (Murano), Porte Torcelleus (Torcello), Porte Amuriana (Ammianco) and Porte Constantiacus (Constantiacum) . And so it is that the names of the portals live on*, while the glorious Altinum has been lost to time*.

DSC_3493 copy

Of the six marine settlements, Torcello emerged the most dominant with its own cathedral and a campanile that mimicked…

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