Sweet Soul Sisters

Sweet Soul Sisters

Heart Shaped Eyes


women best friends

My girlfriends

my sweet soul sisters…

you are rich, decadent, fragrant

the stargazer lilies

that majestically adorn

the entrance of

the blooming divinity

that is my spirit garden

your unfailing beauty pours forth

lighting up my perceived world

like Mama’s galactic gemstones

your colors bursting forth, expanding

as you flank the enshrined divinity

of this, our sacred crown

my fiery, bold, Goddesses

know this and know it well:

I love you. eternally. wildly.


Only a mighty tenderness

such as yours

could have so willingly descended

into the icy cave of my shadow

on my souls darkest night

when I forgot my way

wasn’t it you, sister,

who lit that beeswax scented candle

and sat beside me, soulful eyes aglow?

because of you

I remembered my own flame

no profound words were spoken

yet, profound understanding was conveyed

no judgement

you didn’t tell me to get off my ass

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