Who’s Who in the ISIL War?

Who’s Who in the ISIL War?

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Who and what is ISIL?

Here is Scribbler’s armchair analysis, researched exclusively on the Internet (so it must be true). Opinions are omitted as much as possible. I have them, but there are more than enough opinions on the subject. The aim here is to untangle the religious conflicts.

image.adapt.960.high Yazidis fleeing from ISIL. Photo credit: SAFIN HAMED/AFP/GETTY IMAGES, “Yazidi under attack again”

There are followers of every religion in the Middle East, plus factions, splinters, sects and denominations, but this war is primarily between two branches of Islam, the Sunnis and the Shiites.

ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, is a group of hard-line Sunnis who want to create an Islamic caliphate, that is, a Muslim state, to rival the ancient Muslim empires.

Previous name: ISIS, or Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham

Previous name: AQI, or Al Qa’ida in Iraq

85% of the world’s Muslims are…

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2 thoughts on “Who’s Who in the ISIL War?

  1. This is one topic that I have been following closely. My husband spent two separate years in Iraq, and I just hate to see what it’s come to. The actions of ISIS (ISIL) make me feel so terribly sick, so much killing. It’s hard for an American to imagine, as religious tolerance is so important here.

    1. April – I will not tolerate war – My young was injured few weeks ago by Hamas, Islamic movement that led to a disaster. ISIS is the main player in this conflict. The acronym stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They also go by ISIL, or, the Islamic State in The Levant. I served the Israeli Army for three years, I was injured 3 times. I was lucky not to become disable.

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