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I am blogging this with a positive and a bright outlook. As anything in my life I take the good and bad in a positive outlook, always. I continuously try to see the “blessings in disguise.”

When I meet negative and rude people along the way in life, I have learned these people are hurting inside or have tragic lives that are either hidden behind their frowns or smiles. Sometimes, especially with insecure type folks, I am their punishing bag.

In our current times, these negative folks are hiding behind a laptop or computer or Iphone or the Ipad whatever technology might bring our way. They are either fakes or sincerely, people who are self-doubting and wounded folks like a lost dog.

Whoever I might meet in person or online, I take everything as life lessons; to be a better human being, a better friend, sister or daughter.

This blog in…

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2 thoughts on “LIFE LESSONS

  1. Thank you so much for the “Reblog” it touched my heart, sincerely. By the way, are you OK if I “Reblog” some of your blogs along the way? ;-))) Best of life to you. Shukran and God Bless.

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