Letter to final interpretation

Letter to final interpretation

Wuji Seshat


Like our bodies imprint
Not a sign of how we rejoiced
In the seasons of our youth will remain

The sand will straighten itself
The wind will not comb our hair
Time will not sit still for us
Dates will no longer exist
Our soul will be lost in energy


Nature will rebuild and
The world will close behind us
Aware only of its self-centered drama

The languages our heart knew
Will not be sung in any dreams
The faces we once cherished
Will no longer exist, exactly so
None will help me, for I will be dead


Though did I help the world
That gave me learning grounds?
As the centuries drink the amputated

Routines of generations
We even flew a little, in our prime
Had some rare ideas
Experienced ourselves more fully?
We loved with the wings of everything


As far as I’m concerned

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Behind the Faces

Behind the Faces



“Be yourself” is
what they say
Let your mask
fall to the ground
(don’t be afraid)
watch all pretenses crumble

yet if they don’t like
what lies beneath 
be aware of the
curve balls of judgment

Where is the truth
in their words?
Each syllable’s tone
sounds compassionate

We could be tone deaf
or maybe we simply
hope for the best

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google images

(I’ve dropped the mask and have been hurt.
I’ve dropped the mask and
have been blessed with good friends.

I still believe in “being yourself” no matter what;
letting your heart lead the way and hoping for the best.)
:♥ ♥ ♥

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Power2Indies Big Book Bash – You’re ALL Invited!

Power2Indies Big Book Bash – You’re ALL Invited!

Jo Robinson

The schedules are starting to go out for this year’s Power2Indies Big Book Bash event on Facebook beginning 17th October. I was a bit late last year (ahem) and only managed to book one slot, but if you get moving now you can book two one hour slots on the event, where you get to take over and chat about yourself and your work to all those attending. This event is open to ALL – bloggers – authors – illustrators – publishers, and of course – readers. It was great last year and I gave away piles of freebies and sold a couple of discounted books too. Also a huge amount of fun chatting away to strangers all about what I do – wonderful!

So EVERYONE is invited! Check out Fraser’s blog post Power2Indies Big Book Bash for more info, join the event Power2Indies Big Book Bash Facebook Event and…

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Marketing – None on None

Marketing – None on None

Jo Robinson

When you were growing up, did you often wake up and think, “Wow! That’s it – I want to be a telemarketer? And then—! When I’m REALLY good at that I can move on up and sell insurance door to door! Yeah baby!!!” Yes – I know there are too many exclamation marks you grammar guru guy you!!! No. You probably wanted to be a fireman or astronaut, or the next president. The problem is that life is a slippery old thing, and things happen, crappy people happen, and sometimes you find yourself upside down in a pit of some horrible thing, and you have no choice but to take whatever means you can to earn your monthly crusts.

Nobody likes telemarketers. Nobody likes in your face buggers trying to force you to insure yourself against clocking out entirely. Nobody likes in your face buggers in general. Having been in…

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A Moment’s Peace

A Moment’s Peace


shade tree

Relaxation finds me beneath this tree
pondering life and sweet serenity
Butterflies do their carefree dance
in the air is the scent of romance

From where I sit in a patch of shade
squirrels scamper on the carpet of jade
Birds join in with a song or two
their melodies erase my moods of blue

Life bounces by, yet stillness abounds
calming every nerve with all unique sounds
Even so, complexities of living have me baffled
but deeply I feel there’s nothing I can’t handle

This pillar of strength shelters and embraces
while emotions change to different faces
I close my eyes to the whispers of the breeze
allowing my mind to finally be at ease

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images

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Delicate wings

Delicate wings



Delicate wings

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Some people are more tender than others


                             Delicate wings

Beautiful Liz. Allowed me in.
Her word and beauty memorized me.
Woman who strip down their true cover and show you what is
hidden beneath clothing and fear.
They are rare and delicate ladies.

Many skeletons for us to hide.
Few perfect people.
We are just flesh and bone trying to understand our life and journey.
All of us cling to thing lost and cannot be found.

First kiss, first love embrace and the first dance.
They are  printed into our mind and heart.
It is a sad world dear Liz.
Hard to forget bad places and things.
I believe the hard places teach us to appreciate the good places today.

When I see you. I saw delicate wings struggling to fly.
I see beauty bursting out and I know.
You will be…

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