Church Encounter for a Homeless Man

Church Encounter for a Homeless Man

Perfect Unconditional Infinite Love

I recently spoke with a young man who is homeless. He thanked me for giving him a meal, and I responded that God blesses me to bless others. This opened up the conversation about God.

He shared his experience of going back to church the previous Sunday, for the first time in a long time. He said people were looking down at him for being dirty and being homeless. He said that one woman told him to leave the church.

“However”, he said with a smile on his face, “a different lady interrupted and held my hand while sitting next to me”.

This story both broke my heart and encouraged me. The first woman had judged him for being homeless and for not looking presentable by her standards.

If no one can attend church, in our present state, just as we are, then where can we go?

At the same time…

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2 thoughts on “Church Encounter for a Homeless Man

  1. Remember, the ills of the Church are brought about by the failings of prideful men and women. Both the faithful and religious. One must never forget that the true head of the church is Christ. And His mystical Church is all that matters. His truth; and His justice that is only equaled by His mercy.
    Christ is the light of the world. And just because that light may pass through a dirty window, it does not become polluted.
    All are welcomed to His Church, so long as they come to Him in good will and obediently conform their will to His.

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