A Piano Interview with Mihran “Mino” Kalaydjian

A Piano Interview with Mihran “Mino” Kalaydjian

Mum C Writes

MIHRAN THE PIANIST ON www.amofowaa.com Mihran the pianist on http://www.amofowaa.com

While Mihran “Mino” Kalaydjian is a mesmerizing live performer, his passionate cult following is surely due to his immense discography.

“Mihran Kalaydjian “Mino” known as “Fast Finger” is a special breed, and I mean that in the most complimentary sense of the phrase.  He has it all – the whole package of artistic gifts – and in abundance.  But, what strikes about his playing is the sheer beauty – the concept, the intelligence, the control over every sound, the vision, the phenomenal listening to it all – all the attributes that comprise great artistry of the sort that touches our souls.”

AMOAFOWAA:What is your earliest memory of playing the piano?

NINO: I grew up in a family of musicians. My mother is a piano teacher and my father was a conductor in Jerusalem, Israel. My mother had a large influence on my musical development; she…

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33 thoughts on “A Piano Interview with Mihran “Mino” Kalaydjian

  1. I was so excited to see two of my favorite artists posting together. Your music is ethereal and Cecilia’s writing is strong and profound; hence, I enjoyed this interview immensely. I am happy to learn more about the man behind the gift with your radio-blog interview and now this one. I am thrilled that more and more people are learning of your music because each heart it touches will transform the world. Blessings upon you Mihran.

  2. Good interview. How much does the audience’s feedback impact your interpretation of the music? If the audience didn’t like an element of your performance (strictly to do with interpretation), would you change it for them or stay true to yourself?

    1. Wow – Thank you for our kind and warm thoughts. The audience are important factor in the interpretation of my music. I have a high profile of professionals guide me through the necessary change to meet with what my fans like to hear. I have a deep respect and sincere appreciation. Sometimes I stay true to myself!

      1. I do, but more for my profession as a business consultant. I am working on my writing and art , so expect creative interviews in the future. Take care!

  3. You have an amazing talent Mino.. and I was so interested in reading about how you first started out in your musical career and what influenced you.. Loved reading your Interview..
    Have a Peaceful weekend my friend..

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