My Road to Honesty

My Road to Honesty

Strawberry Fields

Yes, sometimes I lie. Sometimes I hide my feelings ans thoughts. Sometimes I have to make a living out of lying and pretending I’m someone else. We’re all humans after all, we’ve been raised on lies and we’ve been lying ever since we started communicating.

Over the last few years, I decided to treasure honesty more than any other value I know. I started to look at honesty as part of discovering and meditating the self. I still lie to people and still hide my inner self and the outer self to everyone. I wear make up from time to time, I wear scarves and leaves to hide my scars, I even wear shades to hide my tears.

I decided to start being honest with myself and the rest follows (will eventually follow).Every time I have a serious conversation with myself, I say the whole truth, I talk about my…

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11 thoughts on “My Road to Honesty

  1. I like that topic so much….my own challenge has always be….to lie….I can’t stand saying something I don’t believe…or think….this has been my big issue…getting older….I learn how to make angles a little softer…. Thank you for sharing that topic…..

  2. Very honest and a lot to think about. Yes, we all lie at some point or other, then carry the burden of the lie, a heavy, painful rock on our back. Thank you for sharing. Great post.

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