Ellie belfiglio


One little kiss, a peck on the cheek,
Seems to be a big love from mother to son.
But without these affections, the sons wither,
Away from the love given none other.


And into his life he takes this reminder,
Of the love that was lost in his life.
The lost love of his father! …
He takes it to heart, to body and soul,
And teaches his offspring to be more like him.
But of the love he lost, how can it be replaced?
Now that he is out of shadows!


His mother’s dark shadow that dances above him,
He learns to love again, but his time is different,
It is much deeper love that he’s looking for…
The kind of love he feels that was missed,
A peck on the cheek and and small kiss-
From his mother, ALWAYS!! …


For my sons…

~ Ellie ~
The pictures…

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4 thoughts on ““MOTHER AND SONS”

  1. I loved the post. This a theme that I really like. Mother and son is a wonderful relation. From the son to mother also!

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