Ellie belfiglio


The dream catcher,

Who’s web caught!

All the promises made,

In passion and-

In prowess,

Hung over my bed!

Here your-

“I love you’s”!

Glistened like dew.

In the morning sun,

And the captive!

“Forever’s”, like prisms!

Spread rainbows-

Through my brain!


You were the one dream,

It should have caught.

Every hope you arose in me-

Should have been wrapped by the-

Pebble spider and drained until only,

The shell of fantasy remained!! …



The pictures are from bing.com…

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2 thoughts on ““THE DREAM CATCHER”

  1. This is nice!
    Do you know if the dream catcher is from US? I’m asking this because in Brazil (where I live) the dreamcatcher is not a common thing. I only had knowledge of it here in Brazil about three years ago. Best, Tânia.

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