Mihran Kalaydjian, Solo Pianist & Composer

Mihran Kalaydjian, Solo Pianist & Composer

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6bb0cb1c-7870-4e86-9f92-eb49edf35b8aMihran Kalaydjian

Mihran Kalaydjian is a musical painter of spellbinding lyrics and grand compositions. He is also known by the nickname, “Mino” who is truly a musical storyteller that connects to his audience by the delightful keyboard melodies and heartwarming songs.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel to Armenian parents and raised in the United States, this provided Mino with an outlet to reflect both cultures and rhythmic sounds that emulates the diverse talents he posses.

Mino has been playing the piano since the tender age of seven and at the age of fourteen he was greatly influenced by a musical teacher, Colin Stone, who Mino calls brilliant and inspirational to his long standing musical career.

Whether playing solo or with his band Element, Mino delights his audience with charismatic music and mesmerizing words.

I am enthralled at the opportunity to introduce you to Mihran Kalaydjian and I want to personally thank…

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13 thoughts on “Mihran Kalaydjian, Solo Pianist & Composer

      1. Yes, Mihrank.
        I am not only a writer or a poet.
        I too, a singer and a music teacher, teaches piano and guitar, and violin.
        I am very interesting in talented artist of all kind.

        Until now, I have seen only one musician here. You are the second.
        Yes, I will be happy to see one of your musical video.

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